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Ambey Tu Hai Jagdambey Kaali – Full Aarti Lyrics in English

Jai mata Di.Ambey tu hai jagdambey kaali, jai durgey khappar waali is the most common and famous aarti of devi maa.

If you want devi mata blessing, chant this aarti twice a day i.e. in morning and evening. This will bless you with good time.

Tu learn aarti in English, here are the lyrics. 

Ambey Tu Hai Jagdambey Kaali – Full English Lyrics

Ambey tu hai jagdambey kaali, jai durgey khappar waali.
Tere hi gun gaaye bharti, o maiyya hum sab utaarey teri aarti

Tere dwaar pe bhakt jano ki bheed padi hai bhaari..
Daanav dal pe kood pado maa karke singh sawaari

Sau sau singho se tu balshaali, asht bhujaaon waali..
Dukhiyon ke dukhdey niwaarti.
O maiyya, ham sab utaarey teri aarti.

Maa Betey ka hai is jag me bada hi nirmal naata,
Poot kapoot suney hai par na, mata suni kumata.

Sab pe karuna darshaaney waali,
Amrit barsaane waali.
Naiyya bhanwar se utaarti, oh maiyya ham sab utaarey teri aarti

Nahi maangtey dhan or daulat, naa chandi na sonaa,
Ham to maangey maa tere man me, ik chota sa kona

Sabki bigdi banane wali, laaj bachaney waali..
Naiyaa bhanwar se utaarti

o maiyya ham sab utaarein teri aaarti
Ambey tu hai jagdambey kaali…

Jai mata dj. Hope you like it.

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