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“Tu Bheek na degi to, Mai Shor macha dunga” Lyrics in English

Tu bheek na degi to is a devotional song. It is sang by well known singer Narendra Chanchal. T-Series holds the copyright on this bhakti song.

If you want to learn this amazing song to please goddess Durga, we bring the complete lyrics in English.

Tu Bheek na Degi to – Lyrics

Tu bheek na degi to, mai shor macha dunga.
Har maangne waale ko, tera pata bata dunga.

Tere dar pe jisne bhi, jholi failayi hai.
Tumne maiya uski, takdeer banayi hai.
Tere naam ki jisne bhi, maa jyot jagayi hai.
Har vipda me uski, tu bani sahayi hai.

Teri rehmat ke kisse, saare jag ko suna dunga.
Tu bheek na degi to, mai shor macha dunga.
Har maange waale ko, tera pata bta dunga.

Tere dwaar pe ab maa, na huyi sunvaayi hai.
Tere kaano tak ambey, pahuchi na duhaai hai.
Ab tak tere bachhon ne, teri aas lagayi hai.
Mai kaise kahu sabko, patthar ki mai hai.
Mai apni bhakti se, patthar pighla dunga.
Tu bheek na degi to, mai shor macha dunga.
Har maange waale ko, tera pata bta dunga.

Tu aprampaar hai maa, tera paar na paya hai.
Kan-kan me hey daati, tera noor samaya hai.
Chanchal ki samajh me maa, bas ab ye aaya hai.
Ye sukh-dukh maiya ji, sab teri maaya hai.

Tum sabki sunti ho, saare jag ko suna dunga.
Tu bheek na degi to, mai shor macha dunga.
Har maange waale ko, tera pata bta dunga.

Dwaare kholo bhikari aaye hai, bhandaare kholo bhikari aaye hai.

Jai maata di.
I hope you like the lyrics of this awesome bhakti song.

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